Krakow Angus Farm at Cooleague

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Cooleague is the Irish townland along the banks of the Shannon-Erne waterway (the old Woodford river), where you will find our farm of pedigree Aberdeen-Angus cattle.

This website at was formed, in the main, because of a growing involvement in all things to do with computers.

The "Management Team" are Paul Komierowski and his family of four Border Collie dogs: Jake, Jester, Judy and Joe.

There was a big change here, a few years ago now, when life as a busy Consultant Anaesthetist was swapped for a much more reclusive life developing a herd of pure-breed cattle and building up and upon a long-standing involvement with computers; an interest that began back in the eighties.

It is hoped that both real and virtual visitors will find this a good place to come for help and advice or just to chat about cattle or computers or life in general.

The herd name, Krakow, was chosen because that is where Paul's father came from and is now buried. His mother was more local with roots some five miles away at Killegar, Co Leitrim.

As of July 2011 some Luxury Self-Catering Accommodation is available in Paul's father's renovated property in central Krakow's Old City:-

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