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This is a new project and hopefully much more material will be added soon. Please let Paul know of any errors, omissions, bad Polish or bad spelling and so forth either here or elsewhere on the site. We have available some better quality images of some of the same pictures - though not uploaded here because of their image sizes.


Paternal Grandfather = Konstanty Komierowski z Komierowa h. Pomian
(ref 10.720.198)

Maternal Grandfather = Hugh John Godley z Killegar h. Kilbracken
which can be linked, somewhat amusingly, to Francis Seymour, Lord Seymour of Trowbridge in the (Descendants of King Henry VII ref

We actually take all this genealogy with a large pinch of salt. Being able to trace the Komierowski family, one of the oldest established families in Poland, in a direct line back to 965 is pretty extraordinary. The Godley side married well a couple of times; first to marry in to the Morgans, landed gentry in Ireland, and then later-on John Robert married the rather amazing Charlotte Wynne, who's background can be traced back, at least, to Henry VII. Anyone that survived the Tudor dynasty's rages must have had something going for them. Poland too has gone through many scourges, so we guess we are lucky to be here at all!